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We prepare for the short-term, but plan with a longer-term view. It's an approach which has its roots in our history, dating back to 1677, and is a commitment to judge success by a yardstick which looks to the next generation.  


Guided by our ‘Living cities’ philosophy, our strategy is to develop and co-ordinate an internationally diversified property group. We do so in the belief that it is by earning a reputation for quality, integrity and social responsibility that we will be able to deliver attractive long-term returns.

We aim to diversify our property portfolio by geography, sector, activity, currency and management teams through our four regional Operating Companies – Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, Grosvenor Americas, Grosvenor Asia Pacific and Grosvenor Europe - and our Indirect Investment business.

‘Living cities’

We create, invest in and manage properties and places, applying rigorous financial discipline to achieve commercial success. But we do so with the aim of making a lasting contribution, today and for future generations, to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the urban communities we are part of and on which our own success depends. It’s what we call our ‘Living cities’ philosophy , which guides our activities to help foster thriving places which reflect the spirit of individual cities, ultimately contributing to their enduring success.

Our approach

We apply property expertise built over centuries which, coupled with a deep understanding of the neighbourhoods and cities in which we work, enable us to help address the challenges they face. We work responsibly with local communities, adopting an uncompromising focus on creative design, pursuing high-quality building methods and promoting outstanding craftsmanship. We work to ensure that existing buildings are used intensely but sensitively, carefully adapted to allow new imaginative uses; and that new ones are designed and built to last.

Behaving responsibly

We believe that any business must constantly earn its licence to operate. We do so by striving to develop a reputation for quality, integrity and social responsibility. We aim to operate and encourage working practices that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for the benefit of current and future generations.

Whether supporting or organising community events, conserving buildings with a heritage listing, letting units below market rate on our London estate to provide a greater mix of tenants, improving the public realm or completing energy-efficient retrofits, we want our work to be judged on social, environmental and financial measurement criteria.



Living cities


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