Claire Dawe

Investment Associate Director - London

Claire Dawe

I have worked at Grosvenor for just over six years, and during this time I have had a number of different roles. Currently, I’m an Associate Director in the Capital Transactions team working on the London Estate. I’m mandated to acquire investment property with the potential to add value or asset management opportunity to drive returns.

I really enjoy the challenge of trying to acquire assets in an extremely tight and competitive prime Central London market. The property that I get to work with is exceptional, and as a result, there are several extremely well capitalised, determined players competing with us in the market. Our business principles provide us with a compelling advantage and the whole tactical negotiation can be absolutely absorbing. Add to this a set of, at times, less principled speculators and it guarantees an interesting environment in which to work.

Grosvenor as a company encourages me to take accountability for my recommendations and decisions, and I thoroughly enjoy the autonomy, exposure and subsequent personal development that this brings.

Claire Dawe, Investment Associate Director - London
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