Izumi Awata

Associate Director of Asset Management

Izumi Awata

After spending 11 years as an Asset Manager with local real estate companies and global real estate funds, I joined Grosvenor Asia Pacific in Tokyo in February 2014 as a Senior Asset Manager and was promoted to Associate Director of Asset Management in April 2017.

Throughout my career, I have managed hotel, office, warehouse, retail and residential assets across Japan as well as retail in Singapore and Australia during a two-year secondment there when I worked for LaSalle Investment. I have managed various types of assets in cities both in and outside of Japan and was delighted to take the asset management role in Grosvenor as it gave me the opportunity to focus on luxury residential assets in prime Tokyo locations. I believe that Grosvenor is unique in its ability to add value in terms of design, quality, service and operation with a long term view.

The past three years with Grosvenor has been interesting and challenging. I have  enjoyed the opportunity of being involved with value-add residential renovation projects and executing on different strategies, while also experiencing several organisational changes.

Asset value enhancement is a tangible measurement of our success from our customers and I believe that as a company, this is something we continue to challenge ourselves to succeed in. Seeing values increase and know that our team played a part in that is what I enjoy most about being an Asset Manager for Grosvenor.

Izumi Awata, Associate Director of Asset Management
Grosvenor Asia Pacific

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