Jack Haining

Asset Management

Jack Haining

As part of the Grosvenor Graduate Programme, I joined our Italian office, working for Grosvenor Europe in Milan. I was keen to join Grosvenor Europe to gain skills and to contribute towards varied cross-border deals, working with a close-knit team of experts.

To bring deals to the investment committee with considered and accurate inputs, I worked as part of a team based across Europe, which had developed a strong and collaborative approach to get the job done. Detail was critical and creativity with asset plans was crucial to producing the most compelling investment case possible.

The experience was fantastic and I could never have imagined the breadth of work and responsibility that I would be given. Life was not conventional - I would often be travelling around Italy, visiting assets, sourcing and justifying model assumptions and meeting local agents.

Although the work was engaging and fast-paced, early on, life was unsurprisingly challenging. I was in a new country, with a new language, home, culture, job and I didn't know anybody. On reflection, this initial shock to the system was crucial in opening up for me a frame of mind in which I could learn, develop and progress.

The choice to join a 'client-side' business such as Grosvenor early on in your career is a significant one, although one that I believe has many benefits. The level of responsibility, exposure to varied projects and breadth of opportunity is vast. Together, these create a fantastic and unrivalled learning environment from which you can develop.

Since moving back to the London office, I have joined an Asset Management team, working on the London Estate.

Jack Haining, Asset Management
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