James Raynor

Chief Executive

James Raynor

James Raynor is the Chief Executive Officer of Grosvenor Europe, the fourth proprietary operating company of the Grosvenor Group. He has held the role since June 2013, when the business was known as Grosvenor Fund Management, and is responsible for developing and implementing business strategy. James joined Grosvenor in 2004, and was appointed to the Board in 2005. In his time with the business he has held the role of Chief Investment Officer of Grosvenor Fund Management and has run the capital markets and continental European businesses. Prior to this, James was the Senior Director of European Real Estate at Royal Bank of Scotland in Paris and a Non-Executive Director of Nordisk Renting.  He is now a member of the Grosvenor Executive Committee, sits on the INREV training & Education Committee and is also a member of the INREV Fund Manager Advisory Council. 

James Raynor, Chief Executive
Grosvenor Europe
+44 (0)20 7312 7011


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