Karen Toh

Director of Treasury, Grosvenor group

Karen Toh

Karen Toh, FCT, CPA , MSc in Finance, is the Treasurer for Grosvenor Group. Her team’s responsibilities include developing treasury strategy and policy, originating and executing debt and derivatives, and co-ordinating relationships‎ with financial institutions.  Karen’s team provides advice to Grosvenor's businesses worldwide as well as assurance to the Grosvenor Group by reviewing financing, treasury positions and risks globally.

Prior to joining Grosvenor in 2013, Karen worked in corporate finance at Rio Tinto where her focus was on raising financing at both project and corporate level. Karen also spent 15 years with Royal Dutch Shell in a variety of roles in M&A, treasury and  across the business where she gained experience in structured finance and risk management.

Karen sits on the Board and Audit Committee of the Wandle Housing Association in a non-executive capacity.

Karen Toh, Director of Treasury, Grosvenor group
Grosvenor Britain & Ireland
+ 44 (0) 20 7312 6369


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