Kate Brown

Group Sustainability Director

Kate Brown

Kate Brown is Group Sustainability Director for Grosvenor.  She is responsible for policy and strategy guidance to Grosvenor internationally on sustainability best practice. Kate has helped to develop a long term vision for the Grosvenor Group, reflecting the holistic approach which Grosvenor is taking to sustainability.  Her role also spans the wider Grosvenor Estate including the Family Investment Office and Wheatsheaf making long-term investments into a portfolio of businesses that will help to drive resource efficiency across the agri-food and energy sectors.

Kate has a particular interest in future cities that has contributed to the Grosvenor Group ‘Living cities’ vision which aims to help create attractive and sustainable cities which are socially and economically robust.  She recently co-authored a research paper on ‘Resilient Cities’ ranking 50 global cities by environmental and social resilience.  From 2008-2012 she was Group Director of Environment and Design, for Grosvenor.  Prior to that Kate worked as a Development Manager in Sydney, Australia for five years.  She is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, she chairs the European Urban Land Institute Sustainability Council and serves on the Performance Committee for the Greenprint benchmark. She is an Accredited Professional of the Green Building Council of Australia and MRICS qualified. 

Kate Brown, Group Sustainability Director
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