Ruth Bailie

HR Director - Grosvenor Americas

Ruth Bailie

Since joining Grosvenor in 2011, I’ve had the opportunity to work internationally for three of the Operating Companies and for the Group Holding Company. Most recently, I transferred from Grosvenor Europe to Grosvenor Americas in the position of HR Director.

Within the HR team at Grosvenor, there have been opportunities to work across many different areas of HR – including reward, recruitment, employment law, strategy, employee relations, talent and development, and technology - and the range of different challenges has always meant that my roles have been interesting. To date, I’ve worked in 5 different roles in the HR team, including a two month secondment to San Francisco in 2014. The size of Grosvenor means that the company is big enough for there to be opportunities and exciting projects, yet small enough so that you can lead projects and see the results in practice.

Grosvenor has also supported me to further my professional education and complete a Masters degree in Employment Law and Professional HR from BPP Law School, as well as working towards the Global Remuneration Professional designation.

Grosvenor is a fantastic place to work in the HR function as the direction from senior leaders is so positive: there is support for people to achieve their potential; there is investment in personal development; there is focus on ensuring that Grosvenor is an inclusive workplace; and at the heart of every aspect of is HR is ensuring that our actions are fair.


Ruth Bailie, HR Director - Grosvenor Americas
Grosvenor Americas

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