Xaviere Roudeix-Crouan

Senior Research Analyst, Britain & Ireland

Xaviere Roudeix-Crouan

Based in London, Xaviere Roudeix-Crouan is responsible for macro-economic and real-estate analysis of the UK and Irish markets. She supports the operational research needs of the Grosvenor Britain & Ireland team and formulates the UK House View.

Prior to joining Grosvenor, Xaviere worked at AXA REIM, Cushman & Wakefield Investors and Henderson Global Investors and was responsible for France and Southern Europe. Prior to working in the Real Estate sector, she was a macroeconomist in the Fund Management Industry.

Xaviere is a member of the Society of Property Researchers and the IPF. She holds an MSc in European Economics.

Xaviere Roudeix-Crouan, Senior Research Analyst, Britain & Ireland
Grosvenor Britain & Ireland


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