Yvonne Keung

Senior Manager, Corporate Finance

Yvonne Keung

I joined Grosvenor Asia Pacific in January 2013 as Corporate Finance Manager covering Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Japan. I hold a Bachelor in Economics and Finance. Before joining Grosvenor, I spent 6 years with a ‘Big Four’ accounting firm qualifying as a CPA and specialising in valuations and transactions, and subsequently 1.5 years in a start-up sourcing investment deals and raising venture capital.

Being the only corporate finance person in Grosvenor Asia Pacific with a wide remit allows me to draw on my knowledge from previous roles, and apply them to various decision-making processes. The role has been very rewarding as I need to constantly challenge myself to refine and improve my analyses used in daily decision-making.

It is almost impossible to describe a typical workday, but it generally involves any, or a combination, of the following:
- Looking at potential investments and analyzing their financial impact on the Asia investments portfolio;
- Managing banking relationships and transactions such as sourcing and negotiating financing, evaluating and executing derivative transactions;
- Evaluating major financial KPIs; and
- Long-term strategic planning to identify optimum portfolios to maximize return with our set financial resources over 10 years.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet with different people from various parts of the business through international conferences and training sessions, and in particular the privilege to work with His Grace, the 7th Duke of Westminster, during his time in Hong Kong. I am also a committee member of the Charitable Giving and Community Engagement Committee which mainly manages charitable donations and voluntary services in cities where we’re active in Asia.

I am truly fascinated and inspired by the heritage of the company, as well as its commitment to long-termism and social responsibility, which differentiates us from any other business within the industry.

Yvonne Keung, Senior Manager, Corporate Finance
Grosvenor Asia Pacific

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