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Our long-term outlook means we naturally think of our impact on future generations and seek to contribute towards the sustainable growth of the cities in which we are active.

At Grosvenor, we hope to make a lasting contribution to the communities in which we are active, and to the environment, taking advantage of the property skills and the long-term perspective that we have developed over many generations as a private company. ‘Living cities’ is a philosophy which supports our strategy, guiding us to create, to invest in and to manage properties and places that contribute to the enduring success of cities.

Our eight 'Living cities' attributes

  • Climate resilient
  • Connected
  • Economically resilient
  • Good governance
  • Healthy environment
  • High-quality place
  • Strong community
  • Sustainable resources

To help us put our ‘Living cities’ philosophy into practice, we have identified the attributes which we believe characterise cities that are truly sustainable. We developed these attributes with input from our staff, our stakeholders and leading city experts from around the world.

These eight attributes describe the conditions and interrelationships that, in our opinion, help cities thrive in the long term. The list is not prescriptive, but rather a guide that we can use to understand how our activity contributes to the enduring success of cities.

The attributes are all:

  • City-focused
    They are for cities - they focus on the trends, needs and aims of the wider area.
  • Long-term
    They take into account the future conditions and needs of a city.
  • Universal
    They provide a framework which can be adapted to the specific context of any city.
  • Inter-related
    They work best when they are considered together.
  • Holistic
    They encompass a range of dimensions.
  • Ambitious
    They describe what we believe cities can aspire to, if the will is there.

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