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Our structure, activities and strategy 

We are developers, asset managers and investors across a range of property sectors and geographies.

Through a devolved structure model, our Operating Companies (Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, Grosvenor Americas, Grosvenor Asia Pacific, and Grosvenor Europe) are responsible for their own property strategies. In 2017, through their combined activities, they accounted for 84% of Grosvenor Group’s capital. These direct investment activities facilitate the diversification of the Group’s property portfolio by geography, sector, activity, currency and management teams.

Our Indirect Investment business further diversifies the Group’s property interests beyond the expertise and strategies of our four regional Operating Companies by investing in third party managed property activities. In 2017, it invested 16% of Grosvenor Group’s capital in Africa, Australia, Europe and North and South America.

We are part of the Grosvenor Estate

Grosvenor Group is one of three constituent parts of the Grosvenor Estate which encompasses all the activities of the Grosvenor family. Sharing a common purpose and values, each has a distinct focus. Beyond Grosvenor Group's focus on property the others include:

  • Family Investment Office: manages the Grosvenor family’s rural estates in the UK and Spain, their securities investments, the Westminster Foundation, a fine art collection and a family archive.
  • Wheatsheaf Group: directly operates, invests in and helps to develop businesses in the food and agriculture sectors. It aims to contribute enduring solutions to improve efficiency in the production of healthy and nutritious food to meet the food supply needs borne out of the increasing demands of a changing global population.

Our property activities

We are developers, asset managers and investors across a range of property sectors including, but not limited to, residential, retail and office. See below for a breakdown of property assets by value.


Our strategy

Grosvenor Group has three strategic objectives.


1.  Earning a reputation for quality, integrity, social leadership and responsibility

We aim to operate and encourage working practices that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for the benefit of current and future generations and, above all, to leave properties and places better as a result of our activities.

To fulfil our promises, we invest in people, recruit from a diverse pool of talent, build lasting relationships with partners, work closely and responsibly with local communities and support good causes through charitable activity and volunteering.

2.  Developing and co-ordinating an internationally diversified property group

We achieve an internationally diversified property portfolio by investing directly through our four regional Operating Companies, and by backing managers with specialist skills to invest in new markets through our Indirect Investment team.

Diversification is further achieved by investing across various currencies, geographies, sectors, activities and management teams. Our exposure is measured in terms of our wholly-owned property assets plus our share of the assets held in partnership vehicles.

3.  Delivering attractive long-term returns

In order to ensure that the delivery of social benefit endures, our business must deliver strong commercial results. We take a far-sighted perspective to guide a long-term investment approach.

To monitor our ongoing performance, we focus on two key measures: revenue profit and total return. Revenue profit is the measure by which we monitor our underlying performance, as it excludes market movements. We measure total return to show how our property portfolio has performed, including both income and capital returns.

As we develop and co-ordinate an internationally diversified property group, we believe that it is by earning a reputation for quality, integrity, social leadership and responsibility that we will be able to deliver attractive, long-term returns.


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