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Our presence in Washington, DC has historically been through the acquisition of office and retail properties located on high streets such as Connecticut, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Avenues and the heart of the city’s downtown area. Our focus is now turning towards mixed-use projects that tie into existing urban fabric or give us the opportunity to use our understanding of cities to create places in emerging neighbourhoods.

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A personal view by Nihar Shah

"DC has transformed into a cosmopolitan metropolis with a young, growing demographic, a booming tech scene, and a thriving culture. The District now provides a place for the best creative minds and businesses, and a place to connect and build community. It has truly emerged into a world class city, and continues to become more dynamic as neighbourhoods that were neglected for decades evolve into modern cultural hubs."

Nihar Shah, Senior Development Manager, Grosvenor Americas

Grosvenor's city insights

  1. Always on

    New restaurants and bars open every day in Washington, DC. Local food ranges from award-winning cuisine like Rose’s Luxury (named 2014’s ‘best restaurant in the US’ by Bon Appétit magazine), MiniBar, Kapnos, The Dabney, and Masseria, complemented by innovative chefs in neighbourhood joints like Red Hen, Table, Ghibbelina, and Le Diplomat. There are also several local fast casual restaurants like iconic Bens Chili Bowl, and Beefsteak. The District's vibrant neighbourhoods and night life cater to a city that is attracting ambitious 'millennials', successful empty nesters, and young families.

  2. Monuments and memorials

    Washington, DC is a city of monuments and memorials honouring the generals, politicians, poets and statements who helped shape US. The most famous are on the National Mall. Many of the monuments are at their most spectacular when illuminated at night.

  3. Placemaking

    Washington, DC's residents enjoy numerous events like outdoor drive-in movies at Union Market, Summer concerts at Yards Park, and impromptu snow fights in Dupont Circle. These activities create a unique sense of place and community.

  4. Picnic at Great Falls

    Those wishing to escape the hustle of the city can visit the 325-hectare Great Falls park. Just 14 miles from Washington, DC, visitors to Great Falls can hike, kayak, rock climb, cycle and ride horses, or simply sit back with a picnic and enjoy the views of the Potomac River.

DC becomes the fourth US City with Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Washington, DC has joined the ranks of culinary destinations such as Paris, London and Tokyo - all of which are Grosvenor ‘Living cities’.  DC is only the fourth American city to be the subject of a current Michelin Guide, after New York, Chicago and another of Grosvenor’s ‘Living cities’, San Francisco. 

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