Investing with Grosvenor Americas

We have been building our diversified property development and investment business in North America for over six decades.  

When partners invest with Grosvenor, they do so with the knowledge that our long history and track record, combined with skilled local operators, will help earn them attractive investment outcomes.

Active in and around Union Square

Grosvenor’s high street retail and office portfolio includes five buildings that span San Francisco’s cosmopolitan center, Union Square, and historic district, Jackson Square.

Since 1953 when we made our first acquisition in Canada, we have grown in a highly focused way. We now operate in six key North American markets – Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Calgary. Our investment activities follow our belief in these cities and long-term trends that influence our markets. As a result, our activities are centred in the urban environment with a specific interest in retail, residential condominiums and apartments, and mixed-use sectors with occasional opportunistic investment in the office sector. 

Structured Development Financing is an increasingly important part of Grosvenor Americas' business strategy. In each of our key markets we provide flexible preferred equity debt financing to an established and growing portfolio of leading residential and mixed-use developers. Read more about Grosvenor Americas' Structured Development Finance Program.

With property specialists who have a deep understanding of the cities in which we operate, we are able to concentrate on areas in which we excel. This local knowledge is enhanced by the Group's 300 years of history, allowing us to draw on our long institutional memory of what makes for success or failure in urban environments.

Over our long history, trust and integrity have been the hallmarks of how we do business and approach our partnerships.  Our approach to doing business helps to bring us investment opportunities where we can add value in partnership with others who share our outlook.

We use our knowledge of cities, combined with our specialist property skills across sectors, to find creative and entrepreneurial investment opportunities that enable our teams to create value for Grosvenor and our partners.

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