Grosvenor and Westminster City Council propose bold public realm improvements to London's Berkeley Square

Following the publication of its 20 year vision for Mayfair and Belgravia, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland (“Grosvenor”) has announced bold commitments to improve the roads surrounding London’s Berkeley Square, with better streets and world-class public realm for all.

6th April 2017

Following the publication of its 20 year vision for Mayfair and Belgravia, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland (“Grosvenor”) has announced bold commitments to improve the roads surrounding London’s Berkeley Square, with better streets and world-class public realm for all.

Grosvenor, in partnership with Westminster City Council and Lancer, wants to invest up to £4 million to improve the roads surrounding the northern half of Berkeley Square in Mayfair, along the southern boundary of Grosvenor’s London estate. It wants to see its estate work harder for its communities and all Londoners by adapting with better streets and greener spaces that appeal to the many, not just to the few. A formal public consultation on these public realm improvements began yesterday, 3 April 2017.

Proposals designed by architects BDP would transform Berkeley Square and its notoriously busy, traffic-heavy junction with Mount Street and Davies Street by:

  • Significantly widening pavements and doubling overall pavement space for pedestrians;
  • Creating safer, more secure and more attractive streets for cycling;
  • Replacing uncoordinated traffic signals and pedestrian crossings to improve the experience of those walking and cycling, while improving traffic flow;
  • Improving the environment by ‘decluttering’ unnecessary street objects, planting new trees and installing high quality paving stones and street furniture; and
  • Creating a dedicated place for world-class public art installations.


Will Bax, Executive Director - London estate, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, said: “We have a 20 year vision for this great London estate to adapt at the heart of our global city. We want amongst other things better streets with world class public realm that put the needs of pedestrians and cyclists over motorised traffic. We want this London estate to be more flexible, more open and more appealing to all, and this new investment signals our intent.


Cabinet Member for Planning and Public Realm, Cllr Daniel Astaire, said: "I welcome Grosvenor’s desire to improve Berkeley Square. We encourage all proposals to enhance public realm and make it easier for pedestrians and road users to travel through the square, whilst adding to the environment for those who live and work there.

“Perhaps the proposed changes and the square’s new sculpture, ‘The Four Loves’ by Lorenzo Quinn, might tempt Frank Sinatra’s Nightingales to sing in Berkeley Square once again.

“The council is heavily investing in public realm projects like this one, which we hope will enhance this vibrant and much-loved square for all those who visit Mayfair.”

The proposals follow Grosvenor’s call as part of its London estate vision for new partnerships between public and private sectors and with those who live and work on its estate to bring about change.

Underlining its early commitment to its vision, Grosvenor announced two plans to improve this part of the West End.Over the next year.

  • Grosvenor will invest in one of London's largest 'single estate' upgrades in broadband, Wi-Fi and mobile connections, in partnership with Openreach, Ventura Next, WiFi SPARK and the planning authorities. Residents, visitors and businesses will benefit from new superfast and ultrafast broadband connections, in many places where none exists now, across almost three quarters of the estate this year; a free, public Wi-Fi service to be piloted this year with the potential to cover half a square mile in the next three years; and new 4G mobile connections to deliver a step change improvement in coverage. This part of London will move from being in the 5% worst performing in the country for digital connections, to being in the top 5%.
  • Grosvenor is anticipating being given back responsibility for managing Grosvenor Square from Royal Parks, in partnership with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Grosvenor will invest in the square alongside surrounding businesses. Later this year it will open a public call for ideas to make this green space 'a great garden square for Londoners' fit for the 21st century.

More information on the proposed Berkeley Square North Public Realm improvements can be found here.


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