Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

High-quality, long-term urban neighbourhoods

We develop and manage a diverse property portfolio in cities across Britain and Ireland. 

Grosvenor is a British, family-owned property company. We are international and diversified active in 60 cities in 12 countries.

The Grosvenor family history stretches back almost 1,000 years. Find out more about our history here.

Our property development, management and investment portfolio includes Grosvenor’s London estate of Mayfair and Belgravia, with its rolling investment programme. Our other developments are elsewhere in London, Oxford and Cambridge. As at 31 December 2017, we had £5.2bn of assets under management.

We are part of Grosvenor Group, the privately-owned property businesses active in more than 60 cities in 12 countries around the world.

Our strategy in the UK is to tackle two big challenges.

First, we want to help drive the success of the West End, London’s economic and cultural powerhouse. The West End faces enormous pressures as a result of London’s growth and fierce international competition. It requires new investment in its infrastructure to meet growing demand. We cannot take for granted its ability to host new jobs and better places.

In response, we have a 20 year vision to transform our London estate and tackle the pressures facing the capital. With London's rapid growth, we want Mayfair and Belgravia to be more active, more open and more integrated – a more popular place, working harder for our city. We think it is vital the estate evolves to meet the needs of our changing society.

And second, we want to help overturn the housing shortage, which in London is acute and eroding our city's ability to attract and retain talent. In all its complicated manifestations, that shortage calls for bold political leadership and in some cases policy change to overturn. It’s also widely acknowledged we need to double supply as a starting point.

In response, we have a masterplan for a new neighbourhood in Bermondsey, inner London, hosting 1,350 rental homes in Bermondsey– accessible to many on low and middle incomes. We want to create and manage one of London’s great new neighbourhoods – mixed, fully integrated and physically connected with its district. Elsewhere across the country, we have partnerships with local authorities and land owners to create new districts with a total pipeline of around 5,000 homes. We are landlord, master-developer, builder, asset manager, public sector partner.

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