Investing with Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

For over 300 years we have been creating high quality places through a carefully chosen mix of retail, residential, hotel and office developments, public art and improvements to the public realm.

When partners invest with Grosvenor, they do so with the confidence that our long history and track record, combined with our wide-ranging expertise and local knowledge, will drive investment returns. We work close up in cities with local strategies.

Did you know?

The origins of Grosvenor's property business lie in the land in London that came into the family in 1677 with the marriage of Mary Davies and Sir Thomas Grosvenor: 500 acres of swamp, pasture and orchard to the west of the city.

During the 20th century, Mayfair saw the westerly migration of office users from the war-damaged City of London.

Our core asset - Mayfair and Belgravia - were primarily designed in the 18th and 19th centuries as vehicles for new housing. Today they have a global reputation at the heart of a global city, reflecting their position as amongst the most desirable places in the country in which to live, work or invest.

They are not static but changing to fulfil requirements with a multi-million pound rolling investment programme and the redevelopment of obsolete or low density buildings and areas to meet demand. Our management has focused on constantly improving these neighbourhoods for the long term, actively refreshing buildings and the public realm. Income and capital growth for investors are combined with a high-quality environment for occupiers.

We draw on the lessons of our London estate model to create exceptional new neighbourhoods across the country. We have done so in Liverpool and Cambridge for example, and are seeking further opportunities, in amongst other places, London, Southampton, Oxford and Edinburgh.

Some of our most successful developments in Britain and Ireland have been the result of collaboration with co-investors, whether local authorities, other property firms or funding and finance vehicles. NEO Bankside, Trumpington Meadows, Barton Park and Springside are some recent projects undertaken in partnership.

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