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About Indirect Investment

Grosvenor Group’s Indirect Investment business is tasked with further diversifying Grosvenor’s property portfolio to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns through exposure to sectors, countries, investment types and management teams which Grosvenor’s four regional Operating Companies do not provide. 

“We are extremely pleased to have such experienced, well-established institutions such as Grosvenor Group supporting the venture.”
Stephen Day, Managing Director, Propertylink

Our principles of investment include:  

  • We are thoughtful investors who target opportunities that generate value through pricing dislocation, changing sector dynamics, emerging market trends, cyclical movements or change of use / repositioning.
  • We target strategies which complement (not compete) the activities of Grosvenor’s existing regional Operating Companies.
  • We back specialist third party mangers with a demonstrable track record of generating value.
  • We focus on third party managers, who share our investment principles, and for whom our investment is of material importance.
  • We ensure that there is alignment with our partners (financial and structural) to achieve our mutual objectives in all market conditions.
  • We work with managers who embrace innovation, sustainability and efficiency with a clear understanding of the rapidly changing demands of real estate.

Chris Taite, Managing Director, Indirect Investment

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