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Our partners

Since 2012, we have committed £319m in 17 new investments, with 11 third-party management teams, across four continents.

Find out more about our partners below.

Alden Street Capital
Alden Street Capital is a boutique New York-based student accommodation investment and management company. 

In September 2016 we formed a joint venture with them to target value-add student accommodation opportunities across the US.

Bridge Investment Group 
Bridge Investment Group’s ‘Workforce and Affordable Housing Fund’ aims to acquire and preserve affordable housing communities across the United States.
To deliver this strategy, Bridge has secured a strategic funding line with Freddie Mac and is a participant of Freddie Mac’s Green Advantage programme, utilising environmentally-friendly initiatives to reduce tenants’ and operators’ costs. Find out more about Bridge here. 

Grosvenor made a commitment to the Fund in 2018.

Four Ashes Limited
Four Ashes Limited is a consortium comprising specialist rail infrastructure business, Kilbride Holdings, Piers Monckton, the principle land owner and Grosvenor. The consortium is proposing the development of a new strategic rail freight interchange project in South Staffordshire. 
Find out more about the proposals here.

GreenSoil Building Innovation Fund
The Toronto-based GreenSoil Building Innovation Fund (GBIF) contributes to making the built environment more productive, efficient and sustainable, by investing in companies that provide products, services, and technologies that improve the efficiency of the real estate sector. Find out more about Greensoil here.

We first invested in the GBIF in 2016.

Heathley is Australia's third largest manager of healthcare properties. Find out more about Heathley here.  

Our joint venture with Heathley was closed in 2018. The vehicle will acquire well-leased and strategically located private medical properties in Australia. 

High Street Realty Company
High Street Realty Company is a Boston-based private equity real estate investment management company, which specialises in industrial property. Find out more about them here.

We first invested with High Street in 2012 and are currently an investor in their fifth fund. 

IO Asset Mananagement LLP  
IO Asset Management (IOAM) acquires and manages multi-let industrial estates and small business parks throughout the UK. IOAM looks to reposition each estate in the local market, working with occupiers to provide the business environment required for them to succeed. Find out more about IOAM here.

We have had a successful partnership with IOAM since 2012. In 2015, we closed a second deal in joint venture with IOAM and Quilvest.

Kefren Capital
Kefren Capital is a Spanish investment and asset management business that specialises in commercial real estate. Find out more here.

In 2015 we partnered with Kefren Capital and Brunswick Invest to invest in high-yielding Spanish logistics properties.

Propertylink is an Australian industrial and office investment specialist. More information about the business can be found here

Since 2014 we have partnered with Propertylink on three separate deals, covering the office and industrial sectors.

RMB Westport
RMB Westport’s Real Estate Development Fund II aims to develop a combination of shopping centres, office buildings and industrial assets, targeting primarily Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and the Ivory Coast. Find out more here.

Our investment in the Fund in 2016 was our first investment into sub-Saharan Africa.

Sonae Sierra
Sonae Sierra is an international shopping centre specialist, which operates in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Algeria, Colombia and Brazil. Find out more about Sonae Sierra here.

Since 1996 Grosvenor has had in interest in Sonae Sierra. We currently have a 30% interest in the business.

Stockdale Capital Partners
Stockdale Capital Partners are a Los Angeles-based real estate investment firm. In 2016, we formed a three-way joint venture with them, and with San Diego-based parking operator Ace Parking Management. The partnership acquires, owns and manages high quality parking structures and surface lots across the south-west of the USA. 

Find out more about Stockdale here and Ace Parking here

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