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Grosvenor in Stockholm

Known for its architectural beauty, abundance of clean and open water, many parks, and as a European tech hub, Stockholm is often considered one of the most appealing cities in the world. The Scandinavian real estate market is also amongst the most active in Europe, benefiting from a dynamic economy.

Grosvenor has been active in Sweden since the acquisition of a prime hypermarket in Helsingborg in April 2011. The portfolio has grown to now include six shopping centres (five in Stockholm and one in Malmö).

Skärholmen Centrum, one of Sweden’s leading shopping centres, was acquired in 2015 on behalf of the Retail Centres V (Sweden) fund, and Lidingo Centrum, Grosvenor’s first wholly owned acquisition, was purchased in early 2018.

We understand that our retail-led assets sit at the heart of each community, providing social services such as the Red Cross and a library as well as a place to shop, dine and spend leisure time. So, we focus on driving positive change across our portfolio, through value add refurbishment projects, refreshing the tenant mix, creating new leisure destinations and looking at opportunities to densify the local residential offering to ensure the community continues to thrive in the future.

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Grosvenor's city insights

  1. Fast growing, living city

    Already one of Western Europe's five fastest growing cities, Stockholm's growth has increased significantly in recent years. It is still a very livable city with many parks and recreational spaces.

  2. Europe's 'best kept secret'

    The Stockholm archipelago is considered by many to be Europe's 'best kept secret'. With over 30,000 islands and islets stretching over 60 km from Vaddo in the north to Landsort in the south, the archipelago showcases some breathtaking scenery.

  3. The hub of the Nordics

    Stockholm is the perfect location for business in Northern Europe. Almost half of all multi-nationals with operations in Scandinavia have their headquarters here.

  4. An attractive market for investors

    The Stockholm region is diverse, pioneering and well-connected to the rest of Europe. As the largest city and growth engine of Scandinavia, with a transparent and stable business atmosphere, Stockholm is an attractive location for investors.

My Stockholm

"The best and also a unique thing about Stockholm is that it sits on 14 islands and is surrounded by water with Lake Mälaren and the entrance to the great archipelago.

My favourite time of year here is Summer when we have almost 19 hours of sunlight day and night. The early hours, when you think it is still night time but the sun is rising again, are magical."

Agnes Reutersward, Grosvenor Europe

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