AgriWebb continues its growth and expansion

AgriWebb, a farm software solutions company, has been part of our Grosvenor Food & AgTech portfolio since 2018. AgriWebb is the global market leader in livestock management software and, with our investment, was able to expand its operations into the UK. More recently, it opened an office in North America and now has a presence in New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa.

AgriWebb’s agricultural and herd software solutions enable a simpler and more effective management of data driven activities, such as farm resources, financial information and traceability. This means farmers can easily manage animal records, optimise grazing and prioritise employee tasks. The software can also provide food provenance tracking, providing traceability to manufacturers and consumers of the food we eat.

Since we invested in the business,  it has gone from strength to strength. It attracted new investment in 2021, closing a Series B of £17m. The funds will be used to develop new applications for its platform and continue its expansion into the US. This is progressing well; annual recurring revenue increased by an impressive 30% in 2021. Today, AgriWebb keeps track of over 17.5 million cattle and sheep across 45 million acres worldwide and this is growing every day.


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