Ambition to increase Abbeystead’s upland hay meadow

Sensitive management of land at Abbeystead, Lancashire, has resulted in what Natural England described as England’s largest continuous and connected upland hay meadow Site of Special Scientific Interest. This hay meadow supports a diverse mix of more than 140 species of herbs and grasses, enhancing and improving the environment and the habitats it supports.

In 2021, as part of Grosvenor’s Rural Estates’ Strategy, we unveiled plans to increase the area of natural hay meadow at Abbeystead from 18 to almost 112 hectares – which will be the equivalent of 10% of the world’s resource by 2045.

In addition, on the Eaton Estate we have developed one of the UK’s largest hay meadows using seeds from a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Shropshire, helping to boost biodiversity and restore lost habitats.

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