Enabling young people across Asia to thrive

By supporting local non-profit organisations across Asia, we provided opportunities for young people, enabling them to live fulfilling lives and minimise negative life changing events. 

In Hong Kong, we continued our collaboration with Caritas in The Neighbourhood Kitchen in Kennedy Town, contributing to the creation of a rooftop farm at the community centre with the Hong Kong University Rooftop Farming Team and sponsoring parent-child farming. We increased our donation to Teach for Hong Kong to benefit up to 600 underprivileged students. 

We donated to the Sunbeam Children’s Foundation in Baiwan, Guangdong Province in China. In Tokyo, we funded the Mirai no Mori Leader in Training Program for the fifth year in a row, and funded Katariba’s ‘My Project’ for the second year in a row to provide learning opportunities for high school students with opportunity gaps.

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