New sustainable timber venture launched

We launched a new commercial forestry venture – Grosvenor TimberWorks – based on the Eaton Estate in Cheshire. This enterprise brings together a progressive and sustainable approach to woodland management with the processing of innovative timber products, combining a dedication to traditional methods of wood craftsmanship with a long-term commitment to UK forestry. Grosvenor TimberWorks currently manufactures bespoke construction timber products and is in the process of developing new specialist product lines from our state-of-the art facility, Hatton Heath Mill.

Using trees grown in Britain, each one we harvest is replaced to ensure our precious woodlands can thrive 

for the long term. The first wagon loads of timber we processed were distributed in November 2021. This was sourced from commercially managed woodlands on Grosvenor’s Reay Forest Estate in Scotland. It was shipped from Kinlochbervie harbour in the Highlands to Mostyn Docks, North Wales – the most carbon efficient way to transport the timbers and a source of employment opportunity in remote rural communities – before being moved to our nearby Hatton Heath Mill.

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