Our soil carbon level is almost twice as good as the UK cropland average

By using integrated farming systems, such as recycling manure into organic fertilisers to replenish soils, more than 83% of Grosvenor Farms’ forage (animal feed) was grown without the use of artificial fertilisers in 2021, an annual reduction of £82k.

We use conservation tillage to grow crops more sustainably and to stop soil carbon escaping into the atmosphere. This disrupts the earth as little as practically possible, drilling seeds into the ground, minimising the impact on the soil’s organic matter. Our fields are planted year-round to help protect soils from erosion and recover nitrogen, an essential nutrient for growing, from the atmosphere.

These initiatives have resulted in an increase of soil carbon – an indicator of its health and quality – averaging 3%, almost double the UK average for cultivated soils.

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