Supporting the survival of one of the UK’s rarest breed of cattle

We are supporting the conservation of rare breed grazing herds on the Eaton Estate in Cheshire with the birth of three Vaynol cattle. 

The calves, which were born in spring 2021 – the first on the estate since the arrival of the specialist herd – means that a third of the world’s population of Vaynol cows, 19 of the remaining 67, are at Eaton and we are helping protect the genetics of this breed.

Vaynol cows originated from Vaynol Park near Bangor, Wales (60 miles west of Eaton) in 1872 and are thought to descend from Britain’s ancient cattle herds. The animals are either strikingly all white, white with black noses and ears or black all over. 

The small breed is excellent for conservation grazing. Their lighter weight and larger feet do not damage the earth and they support habitat management, boosting biodiversity. In the summer months, the herd will graze areas of natural flood meadows on the estate which are managed as part of an environmental stewardship scheme.

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