Careers in Madrid, Paris, Stockholm and Luxembourg

Grosvenor has been active in Europe since the 1990s and now has more than 65 people working across offices including in Stockholm, Paris, Madrid and Luxembourg.

You’ll be joining a vibrant and entrepreneurial team that embraces our different cultures, engages with the communities where we are active and draws upon our collective international experience. Our benefits packages are competitive and are tailored to each location.

Hear from some of our people what it is like to work for Grosvenor:

You'll be joining a diverse and inclusive team You'll be joining a diverse and inclusive team

You'll be joining a diverse and inclusive team

Why are we committed to creating a working culture where people from a wide range of backgrounds, with a diverse range of opinions, thrive?

Not only does it make working in our European business more interesting and dynamic, but understanding the unique experiences of everyone, provides new perspectives, enables innovative thinking and benefits our growth and development.

In addition to having a diverse workforce thanks to our geographical reach, we also work to attract talent from a wide pool of candidates by providing routes to careers for people from different backgrounds, education levels and by offering working patterns which respect caring responsibilities. We value the rich perspectives generated by difference related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, age and religion, to name a few. We aim to increase our understanding of others, help people feel included and drive behaviours that help diversity thrive.

We run regular information sessions, involve people in research projects and run cross-office groups to better understand the challenges and opportunities our business is faced with.

Eva Enochsson Director Asset Management, Stockholm primary

Eva Enochsson Director Asset Management, Stockholm

"Although I am based in my hometown of Stockholm, I feel part of a global business where local expertise is valued and we can share knowledge with our international colleagues."

Javier Martin, Development Director and Head of Office, Madrid primary

Javier Martin, Development Director and Head of Office, Madrid

"Working in our European business has broadened my knowledge, as I have worked with a diverse range of people and on a variety of dynamic projects.”

Work-life balance Work-life balance

Work-life balance

We believe it’s important to contribute positively to the places in which we work and where we have assets.

We have an innovative approach to creating value for all our stakeholders, prioritising the communities, neighbourhoods and cities where we invest, and at all times strive to deliver on our sustainability ambitions.

We also understand the importance of balancing our professional and personal lives. We offer competitive benefits in each of the countries we are active, which may include parental leave, flexible working or sports memberships. We also encourage team social activities including an annual offsite which brings all our team together for team building, knowledge sharing and working collectively.

Idha Bergstrom, Director Asset Management, Stockholm

"Working at Grosvenor has provided me with great opportunities to combine career development with family life. The parental leave was a brief interlude, not a major disruption, hence I basically picked up where I left off.

Support in the form of a maternity coaching program and flexible working opportunities enabled a smooth transition at my return.”

Learning & development

There are many opportunities to learn and to develop your career at Grosvenor. Whether you are a recent graduate, have a traditional property background or come from outside the property industry, we will support you to develop your strengths and reach your potential.

We speak to our people about their ambitions. Together, we identify a range of ways that we can support team members to develop their skills and knowledge. These might include the opportunity to be involved in an innovative project, learning new technology or participating in a secondment or a job rotation. We also actively encourage learning through formal study and training.

We recognise that people’s ambitions can include more than just professional goals, and we are proud to be able to provide careers that can flex around varied aspirations.

David Wright

“Working at Grosvenor has broadened my horizons, both figuratively and literally, as I started as a Financial Reporting Accountant in London and am now a Director of Finance in Stockholm. Over the years Grosvenor has provided me with opportunities to expand my skill set with exposure to transactions, financings, restructuring, portfolio management and investor relations which is one of the many reasons I enjoy working at Grosvenor.”

Cecile Imbault

“I have been working at Grosvenor for almost five years now, over which time my role has evolved significantly. I joined in charge of new financings and tax structuring, but now I oversee the Spanish and French finance teams. I have had multiple opportunities to develop existing and learn new skills, including moving to Spain for one year to learn about the local market and establish a new finance team there.”

Davy Portway

"Joining Grosvenor set my life on a new trajectory, it has given me the opportunity to move to a new country and to pursue a career with a truly unique property company. Since joining, I have found countless opportunities to advance my career, both within the Investment and Development team, and in wider Grosvenor Europe initiatives, such as how we can increase biodiversity across our portfolio."

Sustainability & innovation Sustainability & innovation

Sustainability & innovation

We’ve set an ambitious target to achieve net zero carbon emissions in all of our managed buildings by 2030 and across our entire portfolio by 2050.

We’re also focused on increasing biodiversity across our assets and ensuring the health and wellbeing of our staff and the people who use our properties.

We encourage our team to research and trial innovative technologies, such as new materials which support sustainable construction in our development projects, in order to achieve these priorities.

Some of our initiatives include being one of the first real estate companies to:

Sign up to both the Better Buildings Partnership and The World Green Building Council Net Zero Carbon commitments

Monitor the indoor air quality of a retail portfolio

Trial technology designed for NASA to increase the energy efficiency of our buildings

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