Can the common black soldier fly turn our food waste into a highly nutritious and sustainable animal protein feed, releasing farmland to grow food for people?

Through Enterra we are rearing insects to produce highly nutritious, natural, and sustainable sources of protein and oils for use as ingredients in animal feeds, in place of costly and resource intensive alternatives like fishmeal, soybean meal, coconut oil and palm kernel oil.

Enterra uses the black soldier fly, a harmless, non-invasive or disease spreading insect species, to convert food waste into valuable feed ingredients.

Black soldier fly larvae grow one million times their original size in just a 14 day growing cycle and are a source of protein as well as high in other nutrients like iron, calcium and lauric acid.

Fed on a diet of traceable, recycled food, including fruits, vegetables and grains, sourced from local farms, grocery stores and food production facilities, the larvae are harvested, dried and processed into sustainable animal feed ingredients.

Feeding black soldier fly larvae on food waste reduces the amount that is sent to landfill where it creates environmentally damaging greenhouse gases. Compared with traditional animal feed production, Enterra’s technology doesn’t require farmland, freeing up space to grow more food for people, and needs no additional water.

EnterraGrubs can be fed directly to poultry and wild birds as a feed supplement. EnterraProtein™ is an excellent source of digestible protein and can be easily blended into commercial feed pellets for fish, poultry and pets. EnterraOil, the fat component extracted from the larvae, can be blended into feed pellets or used as a pellet coating for enhanced flavouring. 

Wheatsheaf invested in Enterra in 2013 and with our support it is set to become the world’s largest insect farm in 2021 with the construction of three new factories in Canada and the U.S, increasing its production 90 times.

Enterra was the first company to receive approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for use of its EnterraGrubs in feed for farmed fish and poultry. It also led the first approvals in the US, with the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) adding dried black soldier fly larvae to its ingredient list for salmonids, pigs and is pending for pet foods. Additional applications are underway for further regulatory expansion.

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Grosvenor Food & AgTech have been a long-standing partner and helped us to realise the potential of our technology, thereby ensuring Enterra delivers on its purpose: to harness the power of insects to feed and care for the world.

David Lemmon
Chief Executive Officer, Enterra

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