Could poverty be reduced and the environment improved by empowering local growers to develop direct routes to market for high-value crops?

Like us, Shared-X see things differently. Since 2017, we have been working together to disrupt traditional farming models, rethink the value chain, and in doing so lift producers in Peru and the Dominican Republic out of poverty.

Shared-X operates a main farm to demonstrate best practice and secure contracts for its crops. It then works with local growers in rural communities to share modern agriculture techniques and technologies and to introduce sustainable crop management initiatives through regenerative agriculture – encouraging practices which restore soils and increase its biodiversity to help reverse the impact of climate change.

Shared-X farmers benefit from access to specialist global markets for high-value foods, such as speciality coffee, aromatic cocoa and organic fresh fruits.

Its associated smallholder producers earn a higher per capita income when compared to traditional farmers in the regions where it operates due to their above average yields and unique access to markets. This model, which Shared-X calls Impact Farming, provides social, economic and environmental benefits to local farming communities while generating commercial return for investors.

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Grosvenor Food & AgTech goes beyond simply matching investors with high impact businesses, such as Shared-X. They provide market knowledge, connect like-minded and innovative food industry partners, link the leaders in capital markets, and provide guidance and strategic insight on natural resources, such as soil, which is central to our focus on regenerative agriculture.


Tony Salas
Chief Executive Officer, Shared-X

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