17 DECEMBER 2021

Environmental targets and transparency in North America

Grosvenor reports to GRESB, a standardized, globally recognized framework to assess our ESG performance. A member-based organization, GRESB is trusted by 140 institutional investors and more than 2,200 companies to improve decision-making. It provides actionable and transparent ESG data to financial markets.  

In line with our 2021 reporting process, Grosvenor is pleased to publicly share our Environmental targets as follows:

Target 1:  Increase the percentage of electricity consumption provided by renewable sources to 20% by 2026

Target 2:  Implement efficiency measures to reduce site energy use intensity by 20% by 2026

Target 3:  Reach net-zero emissions as defined in our WGBC Net Zero Commitment by 2030

Tanja Milosevic, Associate Vice President of Environment, Social and Governance in North America, said:Given the long-term view we take toward our property activities and business practices, sustainability plays a critical role in all investment, development and asset management decisions. Measuring, monitoring and reporting are a few ways we are continually improving our performance.”

In 2021, its first year reporting to GRESB, Grosvenor’s property business in North America exceeded the following benchmarks: Reporting, Stakeholder Engagement, Tenant Satisfaction, Data Monitoring & Review, Water Consumption, and Waste Consumption.

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