Our London estate vision

London is an ever-changing city. Always evolving. Over the next 20 years it will become home to 10 million people and evolve as part of a country legally committed to net zero carbon emissions, placing unprecedented demands on the places and communities within it.

Grosvenor’s London estate makes an important economic, social and cultural contribution to this capital city. Our plans for its future are captured in a 20-year strategy that will see Mayfair and Belgravia become more active, more accessible and better integrated. With better streets and greener spaces and we can create the kind of places that appeal to people from all backgrounds.

Seven bold and ambitious outcomes define this vision for Mayfair & Belgravia. 

Active Neighbourhoods

Diverse, active and continually adapting to meet the changing needs of all who use their buildings, streets and public spaces.

Integrated Districts

Better connected, outward-facing and tied to the success of surrounding parts of London, easy for all to reach, explore and enjoy.

Connected Communities

World-class physical, cultural and digital resources valued and shared by individuals, businesses and local institutions.

Better Streets

Safer, cleaner and more pleasurable journeys for pedestrians and cyclists, on routes accessible by businesses and well-served by public transport.

Greener Spaces

Thriving trees, greater planting and flourishing natural resources making the estate a beacon of environmental excellence.

Enterprising Places

Businesses of all sizes, cutting-edge retail and a world-class cultural offer in places that encourage co-working, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Architectural Excellence

Beautiful buildings, streets and public spaces distinguished by the quality of their design and an exceptional cultural legacy.

Evolving Mayfair & Belgravia together

During the next 20 years we want Mayfair & Belgravia to be more active, more open and more integrated, with better streets, greener spaces and enterprising places that appeal to the many, not just the few.

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Our Vision: Read more about the future of our London estate, which has been the focus of change for centuries. 

The Evidence: Our vision was created through extensive conversations with stakeholders and customers alongside bespoke primary research – find out more here

Events and activities in Mayfair and Belgravia: Mayfairandbelgravia.com

The properties and places we work with in LondonGrosvenorlondon.com 

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