We invest in, manage and develop mixed-use properties and places in vibrant urban neighbourhoods throughout Paris, Madrid and Stockholm.

Since establishing our real estate activity in Continental Europe in the 1990s, we have developed a track record for investing in and developing assets that contribute lasting commercial and social benefit to the places in which they are located.    

To ensure ongoing success, we are committed to our core markets, which we believe are resilient to long term trends. We also adopt a value-add approach which is driven by a combination of our international experience and heritage, and the expertise of our local teams, who develop a deep understanding of the locational needs of our properties and places.

This allows us to create better and healthier places to live, work, shop and spend time; places which will  remain attractive in the long term because of the quality of design, architecture and the sustainability elements introduced.

Our activity

Our development strategy

We acquire sites and assets that we can develop or reposition into their highest and most valuable use, fully unlocking their potential.

Our investment strategy

We acquire value-add assets in our core cities.

How do we deliver social benefit?

Our vision is to put mitigating climate change and the promotion of healthy, inclusive, and economically resilient businesses and communities at the heart of everything we do.

Skärholmen Centrum: more than a shopping centre

Skärholmen Centrum in southern Stockholm is more than just a retail-led shopping centre. Rather, it acts as Skärholmen's city centre and is the primary meeting place for the entire community, offering community services, offices, dining and leisure, health services and events.

Sara Lucas
Chief Executive, Grosvenor Europe
Sara Lucas
Chief Executive, Grosvenor Europe

Our people

Learn more about our Board and senior management team in Europe.

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