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Optimising the delivery of commercial and social benefit

Values and purpose: the driving force of our 2020

Looking back on our achievements in 2020, four key themes stand out:

  1. We provided significant support to our tenants and communities dealing with the impact of Covid-19.

  2. Financially our results were poor by our recent standards, but contextually resilient.

  3. We have continued to pursue our long-term agenda to optimise both commercial and social benefit across our activities.

  4. We remain in a very strong financial position, enabling us to both weather the storm and calmly assess an unprecedented range of threats and opportunities with a view to continuing to invest for the long term.

Please watch a short film explaining what guides our investment approach and take a look at our suite of reporting documents and highlights below. You can also read our results press announcement here and access key policies and reports in our archive here

The value of a long-term view.

Watch this film to discover how our long-term value creation focus continues to be our best short-term strategy.

2020 Annual Review

Read our Annual Review to see key activity and performance highlights from across the Group.

2020 Financial Statements

Read our Financial Statements to learn more about our financial performance in 2020.

2020 Non-financial Data Report

Read our Non-financial Data Report to learn more about the data in our 2020 Review.

Learn about the positive impact our international projects are already having or are aiming to deliver once fully realised.

2020 performance highlights

Some financial, environmental and social figures from 2020

Revenue profit
(2019: £65.9m)
Total return
(2019: 2.6%)
Shareholders' funds
(2019: £5.1bn)
Water consumption
(2019: -4%)
Energy consumption
(2019: -6%)
Waste diverted to landfill
(2019: 80%)
Community events supported
(2019: 345)
Green space managed
(2019: 111ha)
Charitable donations
(2019: £3.9m)

Net zero carbon target

Across the Group, we have committed to achieve net zero carbon operational emissions from all of our directly-managed buildings globally, by 2030, and to work towards all buildings, directly and indirectly-managed, being embodied and operational net zero across our portfolio by 2050.

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