Bridge Investment Group

Bridge preserves and enhances affordable housing communities in the US and addresses the lack of homes in the sector.

In 2018, we committed US$25m to Bridge Investment Group’s (Bridge) Workforce & Affordable Housing Fund, and in 2019 further extended our commitment to $56m. The Fund was established to help address the considerable imbalance between affordable housing demand and supply in the US. It seeks to preserve and enhance affordable housing communities as well as deliver commercial results for investors.

At each of the properties within the Fund’s portfolio, Bridge sponsors robust community programming designed to advance social mobility and meet the most pressing needs of residents. Initiatives include providing functional amenities such as educational services, tutoring, career counselling, safe and engaging play areas for children, exercise facilities and vibrant social programmes.

Bridge is a market leader in the preservation and rehabilitation of workforce and affordable housing in the US. Since 1991, the company has owned and sustainably operated over 69,000 multifamily units across the US. 

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