Structured Development Finance

The wide reach of Grosvenor Americas' Structured Development Finance Program facilitates business growth for both the established developer and the expanding entrepreneur

As a property developer, Grosvenor offers a long-term commitment to the growth and prosperity of the cities in which we invest. Our Structured Development Finance Program provides flexible equity debt financing to an established and growing portfolio of leading residential and mixed-use developers.

"The integrity of the team, industry relationships and knowledge of real estate development are key reasons we continue to partner with Grosvenor."

Dan Miller

Grosvenor Americas' approach offers an alternative to the restrictions of traditional senior debt financing or joint venture partnerships. Leading developers can be assured by the tailored structure and benefit from Grosvenor's network of relationships.

Structured Development Financing is an increasingly important part of our business strategy. The program currently operates in the San Francisco Bay Area, Metro Los Angeles, Metro Washington, DC, Seattle and Vancouver.

The Structured Development Finance Program at Grosvenor was established in response to a need for secondary financing of development projects beyond that which traditional financing structures provided.

Our expertise has helped originate loans for over 49 completed development projects totalling CDN $1.8 billion in gross sales revenue. Property types include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, rental apartments, condominium conversions and mixed-use.

San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles, CA
Mark Darley, Senior Vice President
Ph: +1 415 434 0175

Washington, DC
Matthew Stein, Manager, Co-Investment
Ph: +1 202 293 1235

Vancouver, BC
Alex Henderson, Vice President
Ph: +1 604 683 1141

Seattle, WA
Sean Wheeler, Manager, Co-Investment
PH: +1 604 683 1141

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