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Hello, we’re Grosvenor Food & AgTech, an investor in companies that are reshaping food and agriculture around the world - for the better. 

We’re looking for ambitious, driven and enterprising people to help us develop enduring solutions to global challenges.  

What we do

We invest in, develop, and help scale the entrepreneurial companies that are building a better food system.

We actively manage a portfolio of over 25 companies, helping them lead positive change in a way that enhances human health, the environment and that enables the economic sustainability of farming and food production. 

We're part of something much bigger too. Internationally, our business spans urban property, food and agtech, rural estate management and support for philanthropic initiatives. All united by a common purpose: to deliver lasting commercial, social and environmental benefit.

What matters to us

We were established in 2012 to invest in innovative companies looking to improve the way food is produced – building a business of significance to diversify Grosvenor’s activities beyond property and land over the course of a generation. 

We believe in carefully working with nature, harnessing new technologies to deliver commercial solutions that are environmentally as well as economically sustainable.

What's it like to work here?

Working with us means you will be part of one of the longest established investment teams in the sector, with a diverse portfolio exposure across sub-sector and stage.

We operate in a dynamic, commercially driven environment, where enterprise is encouraged and rewarded, and where we share in a responsibility to make a difference to people and the planet. 

We provide the freedom to be flexible, with teams in the UK and the U.S. investing in a wide range of international markets often requiring our employees to work across different time zones and cultures.  Our people bring exceptional industry and investment expertise and are supported to grow and develop their skills and experience while being exposed to exciting opportunities. 

What our people say


Senior Investment Manager and rock climber

I’m Tim and my work involves investing into businesses that are rethinking and reshaping how we produce, distribute and consume food. Being part of this journey – helping to develop the technologies and systems which can be part of the solution – is what first brought me to Grosvenor and here I am over 10 years later! 

Through my role, I’ve met like-minded people passionate about changing the way we produce, distribute and consume food for the better. Grosvenor has taken me all over the world, from salmon agriculture in Chile, insect farming in South Africa to fertiliser recovery at a sewage plant in Slough. 

Our strong business network, internationally and inside the organisation, gives you the ability to learn from many different people in a variety of roles, which is great for professional development. 

Outside of work, I love rock climbing – the simple pleasure of getting up into the mountains and enjoying the views.  

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Investment Associate, carp fisherman and sportsman 

I’m James and I’m now an Investment Associate, having initially joined Grosvenor as a graduate. Grosvenor has continued to support my development by facilitating a six-month secondment in one of the portfolio companies as well as training as part of my candidacy in the CFA Program.   

My role covers three core areas, new investments, supporting the portfolio and business development projects, such as our net zero carbon pathway. I find the challenge of discovering new sectors and investments most rewarding – identifying partners with the potential for sustained commercial success amongst a noisy and evolving investment universe.  

Being at Grosvenor means you work in an international environment, mixing with different cultures and people. I probably spend 75% of my time speaking to people outside of the UK which, having lived abroad, I really like. The best thing about Grosvenor is our ability to foster change at scale across the global food and agriculture industries, positively contributing to some of the most pertinent environmental and social challenges of the modern food system.  

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Investment Director, environmentalist and father

I’m Michael and I am an Investment Director which means I identify new opportunities for businesses and technologies which fit our strategy and then work out how to make the investment. And, if we are successful, I am involved in their management to develop and scale up their offering.  

I strongly believe that we should leave the planet in a better place than we inherited it. In my home life, I’ve been an early adopter of electric vehicles, renewable energy and clean technologies. I really enjoy working in the food and AgTech space with like-minded people who are striving to make the world a more sustainable place.  

Sustainability is an inter-generational challenge and, particularly as a parent, it’s special working for an organisation that is addressing today’s needs, while taking responsibility for those of future generations. Grosvenor has existed for a long time and you know in 30 years’ time it will still be here delivering on our purpose.

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Our impact

Discover how we are working together with our companies to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to food and agriculture. 

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