COVID-19 & 70 Grosvenor Street

Grosvenor has put in place extra precautions at 70 Grosvenor Street to help protect our staff and visitors to our buildings in response to Covid-19.

As you come into the building you will be asked to have your temperature checked by a hands-free thermometer. This data is only used to carry out the temperature check and is not retained. The device will announce results audibly as well as visually so our front desk team know whether to admit you. If you present with a high temperature (over 38 degrees) you might not be admitted to the building and may be asked to follow government guidelines such as self-isolating or taking a Covid-19 test. If you have any concerns about having your temperature checked, please speak to the front desk beforehand.

If your temperature is normal, our front desk will ask visitors for their name and contact details (including their mobile number). This will be used only in the event we are informed of a Covid-19 outbreak and we need to provide your details to the NHS Track and Trace service. Your contact details will be retained for 21 days then securely destroyed.

Our 70 Grosvenor Street building is managed by Grosvenor Britain and Ireland. If you have any queries or would like further information about our handling of personal information, please see:

Group 2