24 APRIL 2024

Grosvenor’s Ostara achieves organic farm use registration for its Crystal Green Pearl fertiliser

Grosvenor Food & AgTech portfolio company Ostara has achieved registration for its Crystal Green Pearl fertiliser to be used in certified organic farming in both Austria and the Netherlands.

Crystal Green Pearl is a granular fertilizer produced by recovering nutrients from wastewater. It allows growers to apply the most efficient source of phosphorus – a finite global resource and essential plant nutrient - while preventing the release of excess phosphorus and nitrogen from entering global water systems. The product is the only sustainable crop nutrition source that is entirely free from animal byproducts and aligned with the standards of modern organic agriculture.

The provision of Ostara’s high-quality organic fertiliser, together with its proven environmental benefits, is exceptionally well timed as the European Union’s Farm to Fork Strategy has set a target for 25% of agricultural land to be farmed organically by 2030. At the same time, EU member states are introducing tighter restrictions on the application of animal manure onto fields, creating a strong demand for a sustainable alternative.

 To find out more about Ostara click here

 To find out more about how Ostara is helping organic farmers improve their yields while reducing the amount of phosphorus and nitrogen released into the environment, click here

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