Sustainable Development Brief

Our business has four ambitious environmental goals themed around zero carbon, zero waste, valuing nature and bringing our partners with us. 

We are also committed to creating positive and measurable social impact through our places, teams and partners.

These commitments drive the way we contribute towards a sustainable built environment, improved community wellbeing and economic growth.

The Sustainable Development Brief articulates how we will deliver against these ambitions across the life cycle of development projects in Mayfair and Belgravia. It also governs how we work with our supply chain and project partners to implement it on each site.

This brief was established to challenge all of us to innovate and positively disrupt our normal business operations, and in so doing help secure the future of our planet and communities. We will refine the brief over time, as the expertise of our supply chain, products and technologies evolves.

Download our Sustainable Development Brief

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