Trumpington Meadows

Trumpington Meadows in Cambridge is an exemplar for what can be achieved when the natural environment is put at the heart of plans for new communities

It has set a blueprint for delivering biodiversity gains and supporting the environment in an area of high economic growth with an acute need for housing.

Delivered in partnership with the Universities Superannuation Scheme with Grosvenor as master developer, Trumpington Meadows sits on a former agricultural research site on the city’s southern fringe.

The high standards set by our site-wide design code have guided the award-winning architecture of 1,200 apartments and townhouses. Taking its cue from the neighbouring existing village of Trumpington, the development offers a range of homes which meet the city’s expanding needs.

The new community is renowned for its 148-acre country park which we shaped with the Wildlife Trust. Now under the management of the Trust, the meadows make up 80% of the site and have secured the long term future of local wildlife habitats, alongside highly valued green space.

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