Building a culture of inclusivity & anti-discrimination

Our purpose is to deliver lasting commercial, social and environmental benefit, living up to our values of integrity, respect and trust in everything we do. 

We believe that our success is dependent on attracting, developing and retaining talented people who share and believe in our values. To help us do so, we are committed to building an inclusive culture which attracts people from all parts of society, proactively broadening our appeal to its underrepresented parts. 

This means that over time, we aim to have a workforce that is more representative of the populations of the nations in which we operate. We aim to enable every individual that joins us to fulfil their potential, to be everything they are, and everyone to benefit from many perspectives. 

 It is a culture we fiercely protect, which is why:

  • We encourage and expect our colleagues to thoughtfully and empathetically challenge bias in their own thinking and in the actions of others
  • We empower them to take a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination in our workplaces and within the communities we serve
  • We celebrate diversity openly, collectively growing knowledge and understanding, and encouraging inclusive behaviour as well as positive engagement through our employee-led diversity networks
  • We champion a high performing workplace and always appoint people on merit
  • We promote a tolerant culture, which recognises we all have equal value as Grosvenor employees working together for a common goal.
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