Delivering affordable homes paired with tailored support

Initiated by the Duke of Westminster and established as a social enterprise in 2022, Grosvenor Hart Homes achieved its first milestone last year – the provision of high-quality affordable homes paired with tailored support services for vulnerable children, young people, and families in Chester City Centre – part of a partnership with Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Our ambition is to develop a self-sustaining, scalable model, founded on profit sufficiency – not profit maximisation – improving people’s life outcomes by simultaneously addressing three major foundational blocks that are essential to overcoming disadvantage: the provision of high-quality affordable, and secure homes, paired with co-ordinated and, where needed, accelerated access to mental health and wellbeing, and support around employment and routes into employment. 

Subject to demonstrating the success of our model in our early activities, we plan to make significant investments over the next 10 years to provide more than 750 homes alongside meticulously co-ordinated tailored support to improve outcomes for 2,000+ children and young people – focusing on Chester and the North West of England, as well as central London.

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