Expanding production of environmentally-friendly fertiliser

Our portfolio company Ostara, the world leader in nutrient recovery and producer of environmentally-friendly fertiliser Crystal Green® – which improves crop performance and increases yields while reducing pollution – was awarded US$7.6m as part of a US Department of Agriculture programme to increase innovative, sustainable, and farmer-focused solutions. 

The funds are helping Ostara to expand its Crystal Green facility in Missouri, US, with the capacity to produce more than 200,000 tons and provide more farmers with its sustainable phosphate fertiliser, a finite global resource and essential plant nutrient.

Unlike conventional fertilisers, the nutrients in Ostara’s Crystal Green products are minimally water soluble, always available and only released when triggered by natural chemical reactions in the growing roots of plants, increasing phosphate uptake, improving performance while reducing nutrient runoff, protecting our waterways from pollution.

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