Plant your pants! Supporting the Country Trust

The Westminster Foundation is a long-standing partner of the Country Trust, which helps disadvantaged children from urban areas experience the great outdoors.

As millions of children miss out on the chance to experience the natural world that provides their food, water, and clean air, the charity bridges the gap by providing creative ways to learn about the environment. 

Over the last year, the Westminster Foundation was proud to support the Country Trust’s national Plant your Pants campaign, which captured the attention of thousands of children in towns and cities all around the country. 

The fun campaign encouraged children to learn about the soil and life below ground by burying cotton underwear in school grounds, window boxes or plant pots and digging them up eight weeks later. The more holes in the pants, the more microorganisms in the soil, the healthier the soil.

The initiative is a great example of how the Country Trust uses enriching experiences to empower children to be curious about their natural surroundings and learn about the benefits of the great outdoors. 


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