The Big Help Out

Greener Futures is Grosvenor Property UK’s £1m+ investment programme, focused on communities and the climate emergency. It aims to improve people’s lives by supporting training and jobs in the green economy, enabling communities to take climate action and improving disadvantaged young people’s access to nature.  

In 2023, Grosvenor hosted ‘The Big Help Out’ where more than 230 UK colleagues worked to improve green spaces around Westminster’s Lisson Green Estate, and support Groundwork’s Green Team and Westminster Wheels trainees. 

Volunteers distributed more than 14,000 litres of mulch and soil and repurposed more than 400 plants and flowers from the Mayfair Coronation Garden Party – transforming 13 spaces across the Lisson Green Estate. Our Greener Futures investment programme and 3,200+ hours of volunteering over the past three years has resulted in 6,500 sq m of public space improved in some of Westminster’s most deprived postcodes.

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