Charlie Steer

Charlie Steer

Arable Manager

I lead the arable team at Grosvenor Farms where our focus is on financially and ecologically sustainable crop production that is integrated within our dairy operations. We grow safe, healthy, nutritious and affordable food using a resource efficient system that enhances the environment.

Charlie’s passion for agriculture began growing up on his family’s farm in east Cheshire. Upon leaving school, after a year working on farms and travelling in Australia and New Zealand, he studied agriculture at the University of Reading where he graduated in 2010.  

Charlie’s employment with Grosvenor started as part of a graduate traineeship in 2011, progressing to management in late 2014.  He is responsible for all the farming operations involved in growing crops, including combinable and forage cropping, agronomy, machinery and nutrient management. 

Charlie is a circular economy specialist (the economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources) and in 2019 he completed the prestigious Nuffield Farming Scholarship in which he investigated: ‘The circular farm; minimising input for maximum output in a mixed farming system

He holds BASIS and FACTS qualifications. 

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