The Jackfruit Company

Can a “miracle fruit” provide a sustainable and nutritious alternative to meat while reducing waste and lifting farmers out of poverty?

Our investment in The Jackfruit Company is helping to meet the growing demand for plant-based foods.

Jackfruit - the world’s largest tree borne fruit - is a sustainable, natural source of fibre and protein. It is low calorie and contains no cholesterol or unhealthy fats. In addition, its texture provides a meat-like experience without the high levels of processing of other popular meat-alternatives.

It is estimated 70% of jackfruit today grow in India, producing more than 1m tonnes of fruit. Its trees are resistant to drought, heat, and pests and are grown with no pesticides or fertilisers.

Based in Colorado, U.S, the jack&annie’s brand was created out of a desire to develop a market for jackfruit, which would otherwise go to waste, and enhance the lives of farmers in India.

Its fully traceable supply chain provides a social benefit in India, elevating the livelihoods of more than 1,000 farming families, and has resulted in 8,000 acres of land being certified organic, supporting regenerative agriculture and enriching soils.

Jack&annie’s produces a range of products which are currently available in more than 1,500 retail and food service locations in America.

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