02 JUNE 2021

New digital footfall tool launched to prevent congestion in retail centres

MeltSpot Crowd Analytics tracks how many visitors are in the centre, and where people congregate, in real time. It is therefore possible to act immediately and disperse congestion or queues, and ensure social distancing is adhered to.  

The system can also be used for other purposes where visitor flows and movement patterns can be analysed, including customer frequency, visit habits and changes to walkways. By understanding how people move about the centre, we not only have the opportunity to act quickly to ensure the health and safety of visitors, but we can use the analysis to develop the services on offer in Skärholmen Centrum.

The tool tracks the behaviour of visitors and customers, providing a detailed picture of a person's movement, but without ever revealing any personally identifiable information. The tool captures signals from mobile phones and the information is immediately anonymised, and encrypted, before being sent to the Cloud in a non-reversible format. The tool and process protects visitor privacy and is GDPR compliant.

Carl Strufve, Director Nordics, Grosvenor Europe comments: “We have prioritised the health and safety of tenants and visitors in our assets and by monitoring live footfall, we can help minimise the risk of spreading infections like Covid-19. The aggregated information about how visitors use the centre also gives us the opportunity to continuously improve the property.”

Alexander Bucur, CEO of MeltSpot, comments: “Our technology has been used wisely by Grosvenor Europe. This has made Skärholmen Centrum a safer place. We are excited about the collaboration and are now taking the step out to launch MeltSpot Crowd Analytics for all purposes, such as measuring visitor flows, optimising queue situations and movement patterns in stores and in urban environments, not just in pandemic times."

Rebecca Dwyer

Marketing & Communications Manager, Grosvenor Property Europe

+44 (0) 20 7312 6101

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