North 40 Phase II

A 15.65 acre master plan that includes 450 residential units, 15,000 sf of retail space, and ample public open space.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the second phase of North 40 embodies over 125 years of Los Gatos' rich history, marked by a dedication to harmonizing current and future requirements. This thoughtfully planned community aims to mirror the essence of the locality, effortlessly blending residential, commercial, and public areas, all the while sustaining the unique character of Los Gatos.

Sustainability Impact

The project will deliver over 450 new homes, of which 20% will be allocated to low- and very-low-income affordability levels. A mix of affordable homes, for-rent apartments, and town homes are situated around a two-acre park that will be accessible to the public. 

Other project highlights include 100% all-electric power in the residential buildings, a comprehensive site wide storm water management program, solar powered common areas of the multi-family and retail buildings, and over 30% of the site dedicated to public open space. 

The project will also provide a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program to help incentivize the reduction of vehicle miles traveled. The program will include robust bicycle infrastructure including expanded bike paths and e-bike charging opportunities.



Property typeMixed-use, built-to-core rental and for-sale residential, retail 

Location: Los Gatos, CA

Acquired: Under Option

Group 2