Our Path to Zero

In 2019, we were one of the first North American real estate operators to sign the World Green Building Council's (WorldGBC) Net Zero Carbon Commitment. As long-term owners and developers, we are motivated by both the positive environmental impact and the financial benefit we will derive from our sustainability efforts.

Our goal is to achieve a 42% reduction across our emissions by 2030 (relative to our 2021 baseline year) and reach Net Zero by 2050. This is an ambitious objective that reflects our long-term commitment to responsible ownership and development of the built environment. 

We have published our Net Zero Pathway in the spirit of transparency and accountability while continuing to invest in capital improvements that prioritize emissions reductions and enhance the value of our portfolio.

It will be through lowering the carbon intensity of our properties, reducing the environmental impacts from our development activities and developing programs to encourage our tenants and suppliers to reduce emissions, that we believe that we will achieve this Pathway and make a positive contribution to a carbon solution.

Leading the change to Net Zero in North America

Our progress toward Net Zero

Orchard Trimble

At Orchard Trimble, a three-building office and R&D campus in North San Jose, we have completed a drought resistant landscaping project and a substantial solar panel array installation.

The panels are estimated to result in a 91% usage offset at both 2610 and 2630 Orchard buildings, and a 55% usage offset at 55 West Trimble.

Further plans include replacing all exterior high pressure sodium lighting fixtures with LED lights.

Brentwood Block

Brentwood Block is an 8‑acre, low‑carbon, pedestrian‑focused masterplan that will bring 3,500 carbon-free homes to Metro Vancouver next to rapid transit.

The project will exceed the City of Burnaby's sustainability requirements and will meet Grosvenor's global carbon ambition through efficient envelope design, low carbon systems and renewable energy.

Brentwood Block is one of the first projects of this scale to be entirely pedestrian, with all vehicles accessing the underground parking from the site's periphery.

3300 Whitehaven

In keeping with our commitment to achieve a 42% reduction of scope 3 emissions by 2030, this 280 unit residential project’s innovative post-and-beam mass timber structure has the potential to achieve a substantial reduction in the project’s overall embodied carbon footprint.

We are targeting to eliminate up to 1,500 metric tonnes of carbon equivalent before biogenic carbon – the carbon sequestered by trees as they grow.

3300 Whitehaven will include 100% electric appliances in each home and a 0.15-acre public park. 

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